“Jeremy Kucharek is wonderfully low-key, shy, and charming as Billy. His expressions when he sees Lissie make it clear that he still has feelings for her. Kucharek gives Billy the strength, compassion, and quiet voice that suggests just how much has been lost.”

-Pulp: Arts Around Ann Arbor (read the full review here)
‘Apple Season’ REVIEW by Hugh Gallagher, Feb. 3, 2020

“To be sure, Director David Wolber gives us an expert staging of the script, Monica Spencer’s set design of an apple orchard at harvest time and stone barn with antique apple press is exquisite. Lighting director Daniel C. Walker’s lighting design illuminates the flashbacks, where the three characters play younger versions of themselves. The acting ensemble is terrific, especially Kucharek.”

-EncoreMichigan.com (read the full review here)
‘Apple Season’ REVIEW by Kym Reinstadler, Feb. 4, 2020

“Kucharek’s articulate, bright, opinionated teen with a vulgar mouth and a rapid mind is right on target. This is strong theater, engaging a touchy issue with humor, nuance, and tense interaction. ”

– PULP: Arts Around Ann Arbor (read the full review here ‘Admissions’ REVIEW by Hugh Gallagher, Sep 22, 2019